Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Natural Ways To Soothe A Dog's Upset Stomach

The other day G woke up with what seemed like an upset stomach. Her poo was runny, she was mopey, and wouldn't eat (something that very rarely happens).

If she had been a human, I'd of made her some chicken soup and served it with saltines. Crazy thing is, it's not too far from that, according to many vet websites. Here are a few food items that may help soothe a dog's tummy:

Plain Rice

Boiled Chicken (boneless, no salt)
*save the broth & you can pour over the rice

Banana Baby Food 
(if you can get your dog to eat it. G hates bananas.)

100% Pure Pumpkin
(NOT the pie filling stuff)

Plain Yogurt
(try mixing a bit of the pumpkin into the yogurt...yum)

and ALWAYS provide plenty of

If your dog has serious diarrhea it may be a good idea to have them fast for 10-12 hours, depending on their size. After this, stick to a light diet for a few days. 

Important: If you're dog is showing serious signs of illness, call the vet or take them to the nearest pet hospital. Also, don't give your dog any meds without speaking to your veterinarian first.

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