I'm Lin and that's my dog, Gigi. 

She's scruffy and needy but I love her. Ha, I think the hubs has said that once or twice about me. Truth is, G hasn't been us all that long, only since August, but you'd swear we'd had her since she was a pup. We found her on Craigslist, drove more than an hour to pick her up and have been under her paw (get it, cause she doesn't have thumbs...?) ever since.

There was a time when I swore I'd never be that dog parent that calls themselves a "dog parent" or lets the dog sleep on my bed/pillow or baby talks to a dog or crochets dog sweaters for those cold nights or chooses a dinner restaurant based on whether or not they're pet friendly. Needless to say, I'm totally that dog parent now.

I've blogged for a little more than 5 years but when I found myself talking more about my dog than myself, I decided I needed another blog. Hence, the dog blog. So if you're not in the mood to hear me blabber about my dog or read dog related posts then walk away now. You've been warned.

G is 2 years old, a Parson's Jack Russell Terrier and has one blue eye and one brown eye. She loves human food, dining out, barking at the upstairs neighbor and smelling just about everything at the local dog park.

This blog is here because I wanted to write about our adventures and pass on info about dog health, care and love.


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