Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dog Owner Must Have: GULPY Water Dispenser

I'm the first to admit I spoil my dog. Truth is, I probably enjoy shopping for her just a teeny bit more than I like shopping for myself...strange, I know. Out of numerous items I've purchased over the last 10 months since she's been with us, the Gulpy pet water dispenser is by far the BEST! 

Not only do I no longer worry about not having a water dish on hand for Gigi but I also never worry about whether or not water will be accessible. It's ideal for walks, hikes, road trips, beach trips or just everyday use when you're not at home. The dispenser has a nifty little belt hook on it so you can clip it to your belt or purse and fits into any standard bike water bottle holder.

Gigi's super picky - girl won't drink out of a water dish if other dogs have used it so her Gulpy is always the first thing to get tossed in my purse when we're off to the dog park.  She even knows that's her water dispenser and will nudge at it when she's thirsty and needs me to open it for her. Smart dog.

Gulpy makes the pet water dispensers in two sizes: 10 oz (aka: Gulpy Jr - shown in pics above) and 20 oz. They're also available in various colors including blue, purple, orange, and green. I purchased her first Gulpy Jr. on Amazon but just last week purchased a back up Gulpy Jr. at Target, both under $8. Talk about a deal!

It's super easy to use, just flip it open and give it a little squeeze to fill the water reservoir and flip it back to close.

The only negative thing I've read is the fact that the dispenser does not suck the unused water back in...honestly I don't care. I just toss it and close it back up. The container is made of sturdy plastic, no breaks or cracks yet. I've tossed ours around the room and left it in my hot car and it's still in good shape. Not sure if it's recommended but I've tossed it in the dishwasher and it's still in perfect condition. It's leak proof too! I've never had an incident where I've found my purse soaked with water. 

My advice to all dog owners, get one! Every time I pull it out for Gigi we get tons of compliments and inquiries as to where they can get one.


  1. Ha ha, we get packages in the mail all the time, and most of them are for the dogs! We used to have one of these, though I'm not sure if it was this exact brand. At the time the dogs we had wouldn't drink out of it. But I think our current dogs would, and I wonder if I still have it somewhere? I might have to look!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  2. That is definitely something we need! Rooney always gets thirsty in the car!