Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gotta Have My Puppuccino

Are you sitting there thinking, what the hell is this girl talking about? Well, no need...I'll explain.

While you sit there drinking your delicious Starbucks coffee drink your pup is probably just sitting in front of you with it's head cocked sideways wondering why he can't have one of those delicious things. Well your pup's in luck because Starbucks offers the "Puppuccino" for dogs!

Don't freak - there's absolutely NO coffee in it...it's just a little cup full of delicious whipped cream.

note: Gigi didn't eat all that whipped cream. We stopped her a good quarter of the way through.
Too much sugar is no bueno.

The few times we've had Gigi with us when visiting a Starbucks we always ask for a puppuccino for her. The first couple of times the barista asked "I'm sorry, a what?" and then laughed when I explained it was just a small cup of whipped cream for my dog.

So yeah, don't be shy in ordering one of these for your dog when ordering your own drink, but don't freak if they have no clue what you're talking about. Guess not everyone's privy to such fabulous menu items ;)

Also, sometimes you'll get larger cups. The first time we got a cup the size of a Grande and the second time we got a kids hot chocolate size cup. Either way, your dog will love it!

NOTE: I've never been charged for this so I can't give you a price. Hopefully they'll give it to you for free too!


  1. Haha I love this! :) The pictures are fantastic!

  2. so cute! I never go to Starbucks (since I don't drink coffee) but I bet Dexter Morgan would love a puppuccino. ha!